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With access to state of the art facilities, personalised treatment & immense experience, Dr Surveen Ghumman Sindhu’s team has high success rates with IVF and other infertility treatment in Delhi

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About Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu

Dr Surveen Ghumman Sindhu has a vast experience of 30+ years of working in the top hospitals of India and has been a faculty teacher in renowned medical colleges of Delhi. She is currently the Director and Head at IVF and Reproductive medicine, Max Multispeciality Hospitals, Saket, Panchsheel and Patparganj, Delhi. She has a success rate of 61% making her one of the best infertility specialists in India.

Dr Surveen has specialized in Assisted Reproductive Technologies and IVF from the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, USA and is a certified clinical embryologist from Manipal University. She has also received a fellowship from the World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons in minimally invasive surgery.

Her commitment to social work and to the underprivileged who may be unable to afford the expenses of an IVF treatment was recognized by Delhi Medical Association through an award given to her for Best Worker in the field. Being the top IVF doctor in Delhi NCR, she has evolved low-cost packages for IVF so that all sections of society may benefit.

Academic Achievements

Dr. Surveen has written 5 books on infertility and has given over 100+ lectures at National Conferences.

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Treatments Offered

Invitro Fertilization​

IVF uses a combination of medicines and surgical procedures to help sperm fertilize an egg, and help the fertilized egg implant in your uterus to conceive. It is the most common ART procedure.​

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

ICSI refers to the laboratory procedure where a single sperm is picked up with a fine glass needle and is injected directly into each egg. This is usually done in the cases of low sperm motility.

Intrauterine Insemination

IUI is a treatment that involves placing sperm inside a woman's uterus to facilitate fertilization, to increase the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes and increase the chance of fertilization.

Male Infertility

Male infertility is on the rise and now accounts for nearly 40% of causes. Various treatments like PESA / TESA / Micro TESA
help in solving such infertility cases.
Sperms freezing facility is also available.

Freezing of Eggs and Embryos​

Many times there is an excess of embryos after fertility treatments. These can be frozen for the future. Eggs & Sperms freezing facility is also available. Now accounts for nearly 40% of causes.

Diagnostic Services

Dr Surveen counsels patients and uses advanced testing methods to understand what treatments would be the best for the patient.
Many times there is an excess of embryos after fertility treatments.

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Treatments Offered

The thought of getting pregnant in this lifetime became a mere illusion for both of us after going through various treatments and different doctors checkups. Since the beginning, Dr Surveen’s undaunted positivity and sincere commitment kept giving us immense hope despite all odds.

We are a couple from Afghanistan. We eventually decided to visit the best physician in India. In google I came across hundreds of gynaecologists in Delhi. I finally made up my mind to choose Dr Surveen. As I reviewed her profile, I found her rich in experience, exceptional in education and senior in gynaecology and IVF in India.

As we set out on our IVF journey, we researched many hospitals and Doctors across India and Dr. Surveen was the one who took the time to respond to my query, provide details and context. She helped me to carve out a plan and my husband and I took time off work to travel to India to meet with her.

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Dr Surveen Ghumman Sindhu believes in providing low cost IVF and infertility treatment in Delhi with state of the art facilities. She has a high success rate in both female and male infertility procedures.


Invitro Fertilization (IVF)

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Intrauterine Insemination

Surrogacy/Donor Eggs or Sperms

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening

  • Male Infertility Problem​
  • Egg & Embryo Freezing
  • Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Recurrent Pregnancy & Implantation Failures


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