anant gupta

Anant Gupta

Software Engineer + Founder of GrowMeOrganic

About Me

Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹, I am Anant Gupta, software engineer and tech entrepreneur.

I founded GrowMeOrganic and helped 500+ startups, solopreneurs and reputed companies (including TCF, Unacademy)to generate low cost targeted leads from Instagram.

I'm the Jack of several trades

As an entrepreneurs, I believe in being the jack of all trades and master in connecting them to achieve greatness.

Top Backend Skills

Python 90%
Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup 85%
Automation with Selenium 80%
API & Webservices 75%
Computer Vision 60%

Top Frontend Skills

Web Designing 80%
UI & UX 85%
No-Code SAAS builders 70%
Angular JS 55%
React 55%

Top Marketing Skills

Growth Hacking 90%
Competitor Analysis 85%
Content Marketing 85%
Keen Observation 85%
Search Engine Optimization 80%

My Products

I’ve constantly been evolving with my interest over the years. But here’s the list of a few things that I’ve built so far


    Gramchimp is an Instagram automation tool built with official APIs & permissions of Instagram to help freelancers and social media managers to schedule Instagram post and replies to the comments.

  • Instagram Hashtag Hunter

    With this Chrome Extension, you can find the hashtag that can help ranking you on the top post of a hashtag page in Instagram.


    HitMeUp allows freelancers to create their portfolio website with a custom domain at a dirt cheap pricing. It's a platform with a pre-built templates to show your beautiful portfolio.


    Automate the process of writing Sales Letters, Cold Emails, Follow Up, LinkedIn Outreach & More with highly converting templates.


    GrowMeOrganic is an all one lead generation and sales automation platform for growth hackers, founders, marketing executives and digital agencies.

I strongly believe in powers of manifestation and being happy about what youโ€™re doing in life.